Operator Qualification (OQ) is vital for the safety of your team. Compliance Resources can help bring your company into compliance with regulations and customer requirements.

Scheduling & Location

How do I schedule services?

Send us an email or give us a call at 307-439-1700. You will receive a call back as soon as possible and will always speak with a knowledgeable person to find the dates and services that best fit your schedule.

Can trainers and evaluators travel to my location?

While we do have our training center in Casper set up with all necessary equipment and plenty of room for your employees, our personnel can travel to your place of business. In general, it will save you money for the training to take place in Casper, but it may be more convenient for your work schedule to have us do the traveling instead.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that construction and maintenance schedules change, and employees get sick or inclement roads can delay travel. In addition, evolving COVID-19 restrictions may disrupt schedules. Currently, there are no cancellation fees, and we would appreciate as much notice as possible so that we can serve other customers. If repeated cancellations occur by the same person or client, a non-refundable deposit may be required when making a reservation for services.

DOT Operator Qualification (OQ)

Which sources of OQ training and evaluation do you provide?

Currently, we are providing NCCER training and evaluation.

How do I find my NCCER Card #?

Visit the NCCER Registry System at https://www.nccer.org/mynccer/secure/dashboard/registry-system. Click “Sign Into Your Account”. Click on “Forgot Card #”. Enter the alternate ID (usually social security number or driver’s license number), last name, and email address you provided during registration. If they all match with the data in the registry system, you will receive an email with your NCCER Card #. If you are not able to match all the data, please contact us and we can help.

How do I verify NCCER OQ credentials?

Go to https://www.nccer.org/mynccer/secure/dashboard/registry-system. Scroll down and click on “Online Verification”. Enter the NCCER Card # and click “View”. On the next screen, select the applicable tab to view the current credentials.

How long are OQ evaluations valid? Does my OQ expire?

In general, qualifications on Covered Tasks are valid for three years from the date of evaluation. Some operators have more strict policies, so be sure to check with the operators you work with.

Consulting Services and Safety Training

What type of consulting services and safety training do you provide?

Check out our pages for Consulting Services and Safety Training . If you have a specific need that is not listed, please contact us. Chances are we can provide what you are needing or refer you to someone who can.

How do I confirm that an employee has completed PEC SafeLand, SafeGulf, or H2S Clear training or get my PEC card number?

Go to https://www.pectraining.com/Card/Lookup.Mobile.aspx. Click on “Trainee Lookup”. Enter the trainee’s first and last name, and either date of birth or the last four digits of the social security number.

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